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High Tech Laser

Australia Largest Range Of European Designed IPL and Laser Systems

When you purchase capital equipment for your business you want to know you are dealing with a specialist supplier who is secure and reliable. High Tech Laser Australia is part of the High Tech Laser Group which has been specialist suppliers of medical, dental & aesthetic lasers in Europe since 1987.

High Tech Laser Australia represents a number of high-quality European aesthetic laser and IPL manufacturers including Deka Laser, Asclepion Laser Technologies and iPulse IPL. With the diversity of products we have available you can be confident that you can have the choice of the best system for your needs and that we can provide you with more objective advice than companies with access to only a single product range.

Choosing the right IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or laser in medicine or aesthetics requires specialist advice. High Tech Laser understands the subtle differences between wavelengths and their specific applications. We have selected the best laser and IPL systems from different manufacturers worldwide.

Our experienced team includes knowledgeable sales and marketing professionals and a nationwide support-base of technicians. We are committed to ongoing training and after-sales support as part of the complete service that we offer. We can also arrange for you to speak to one of the existing clients in our growing user-base so you can discuss how High Tech products can benefit your business.

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High Tech laser presents educational one day courses, and Laser and IPL Demonstration evenings across Australia. Call 1300 309 233 for more details.

High Tech Laser has selected the best lasers wavelengths from manufacturers worldwide. No other company offers this specialist advice and can supply the full range of lasers in each wavelength. Our range of laser wavelengths includes the following and more:

Fractional CO2, 1540nm Erbium:Glass, & 1340nm
Erbium YAG Er:YAG
Pulsed DYE
Diode for densitry and cosmetic hair removal and vascular 810nm and 980nm
IPL Intense Pulsed Light
Holmium YAG Ho:YAG

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