How to Treat Patients in the Prone Position with Stuart Hinds

15 Oct 2020

In this video, we showcase the ability of the Raising Mid Section (RMS) to treat patients lower back (lumbar) in a prone position.

Treating lower back (lumbar) spinal conditions can be a varied and difficult process. Treating patients with these conditions in the prone position is a normal state of affairs. However, not every client's lumbar spinal condition can be suitably treated in the prone, flat position. There are a number of conditions that predispose to further dysfunction if treated in a flat prone position. Some of these conditions include Extension Syndrome or Spondylolisthesis.

When it comes to treating these conditions, the correct methods are either, to treat the patient in a side-lying position, or to position the client in a slightly flexed position. It can be extremely difficult to get the adequate flexion in the spine. Traditional methods for this would involve the use of a pillow or a number of pillows under the pelvis, however, this is cumbersome and difficult to get the required angle, not to mention awkward and uncomfortable for your client. 

This is where the raising mid section really comes into its own. The RMS is brilliant at manoeuvring the patient into the perfect position. A simple press of the foot pedal and you can get the perfect angle quickly and safely. 

The other fantastic benefit I love about treating the Thoracolumbar region in the prone position and using the RMS is being able to treat the region through range. I love to work tissue through passive range, and the RMS is a game changer when it comes to treating this area in this position. 

Athlegen have really had both the therapist and their client, front of mind when designing and manufacturing their tables. I truly believe these are the best treatment tables on the market. Don't be fooled by the cheaper brands. I stake my entire reputation on these tables and the service I have been provided by Athlegen. 


Stuart Hinds is a massage therapist with over 27 years of experience. Some of the patients he has treated include Olympic athletes and elite sportspeople.