Invisa-Beam provides falls prevention products

03 March, 2014

Falls Prevention is an important issue as stated in the Australian government's National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards [NSQHS]. Invisa-Beam supplies falls prevention products and medical devices to meet these standards.

Invisa-Beam meets 'Standard 10 – Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls' by ensuring that 'prevention strategies are in place for patients at risk of falling.'

Invisa-Beam products focus on patients/residents at high risk of falls from beds/chairs. Its unique monitoring systems meet various application and give instant protection with its invisible beams. Wanderers and sleep walkers can also benefit from using Invisa-Beam. Invisa-beam supply chair monitoring and bed monitoring products to prevent potential injury.

Invisa-Beam products are listed medical devices and conform to standards AS/NZS 3200-1 AND IEC 6060I-1. Our motto is 'catch them before they fall'.

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