Is Your Autoclave Actually Sterilising Your Instruments?

Supplier: Emech Medical By: Phillip Lewis
25 June, 2019

Your Autoclave & The Servicing / Validation Of It Is A Critical Part Of Your Practice

There's a horror story in the Australian news at present in respect of a Sydney based dentist that was working with instruments that hadn't been properly sterilised over a long period of time - please see the clipping & link below:

Its always a good time to re-look at procedures and processes relating to the sterilisation of instruments and the use of your autoclave and ensure that you are compliant with the relevant Aus / NZ standards 4815 & 4187. These include:

  • Having an autoclave that runs a fractionated vacuum cycle to extract air from the chamber and dry the instruments properly
  • Having a documented process including cycle recording whereby each sterile cycle is numbered, dated and is successful / failed
  • Regular validation and servicing of your autoclave to ensure that it works within the manufacturers parameters

Reprocessing reusable instruments is a procedure carried out daily by many Dentists, Medical Practices, Podiatrists and other instrument users. The process involves cleaning, packaging, loading, sterilisation & storage of instruments and it is important that this is documented & validated so that everyone has confidence in the integrity of the procedure.

For more information & advice on the sterilisation process, benchtop autoclaves and calibration / validation please do feel free to get in touch.

Phillip Lewis / [email protected]