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Long-Term Nasogastric Tubes | Fine-Bore Tubes

Supplier: Australasian Medical & Scientific Limited

These tubes are mostly used to feed adults and children for up to 60 days.

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Features & Benefits of Fine-Bore Long-Term Nasogastric Tubes:

These tubes are polyurethane and available from 6FR - 10FR diameters with a variety of lengths from 55cm -120cm. Some popular sizes in 8 & 10FR are also available weighted.

Typical users would be critical care areas, medical and care of the eldery units, paediatric units and also community patients.

The tubes have a male Luer lock connector which fits oral/enteral syringes and the female Luer ends of pump administration sets. They also have a male-Luer guide-wire holder allowing aspiration to confirm correct position using oral/enteral syringes.

The tubing itself is smooth and carries distance marks to reference tube position. All tubes are fully radio-opaque (20% barium sulphate compounded into the polyurethane), to confirm position with X-ray or a pH strip is included in each pouch.

The smaller sizes 6-8FR are mostly used to feed children and the larger 8-10FR tubes are used for adults. A number of lengths are available including a 10FR 120cm nasojejunal tube for small bowel feeding.

These tubes offer a safe comfortable solution for all patients requiring long-term nasogastric support.


  • Long term Adults & Children
  • Feeding
  • 6FR-10FR & 55cm-120cm long
  • 60 Days Max.
  • Guidewire
  • Polyurethane
  • Fully Radio-Opaque