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Multigate Medical Products

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Multigate Medical Products

Multigate is one of Australia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of operating room and wound care products to hospitals. At our modern Sydney headquarters we manufacture an extensive range of products to the most rigorous standards set by Australian and international governments and health authorities.

Multigate's high standards of quality control and ability to deliver on-time and within budget is reflected in the fact that we are a preferred supplier to most of Australia's leading public and private hospitals. We are also a major contractor to national and state government purchasing authorities.

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From simple beginnings in 1986 the company, under the leadership of Peter Chang (Managing Director) and Ben Chen (General Manager) has now become a truly international operation. Growth has been spectacular, with a local turnover of more than AU$20 million p.a. and the development of high growth joint-venture partnerships in the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

At Multigate we are always striving to develop and improve our product range and we specialise in producing tailor-made solutions to our clients hospital or operating room requirements. We also provide contract manufacturing services for many major suppliers in our industry.

Multigate Medical is Australia's leading supplier of top quality hospital/surgical dressings and operating room apparel.

Our web site provides the latest information of our wide range of products. Click the icons below to view the products.

Multigate's goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient, convenient, cost-effective and high quality health care solutions.

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