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Pearl Group

The Pearl Group provides a national network of industry leading dental laboratory services and aims to deliver best quality products for dental professionals.

Pearl Group is Australia's leading Dental Laboratory Services company. Pearl Group's objective is that labs maintain strong professional relationships with dental professionals and continue to be responsive to their needs.

Pearl Labs have access to a wide range of dental lab products which are readily available to dentists. Pearl Group labs price their products competitively, consistent with the quality requirements prescribed by dentists. Pearl Group labs believe that consistency in service and quality is fundamental to their relationship with their dentist clients. Pearl Group recognises that the productive time of dentists is precious and that is why they focus on:

- Responsive pick-up and delivery arrangements designed to meet the needs of dentists
- Meeting the delivery times prescribed by dentists
- Reduced chair side adjustments by applying quality control to the production of its products
- Careful attention to shade and durability of the product provided, consistent with the dentist's requirement.

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