Preva X-Rays: One of the Best Intraoral Imaging Machines in the Market

Supplier: ICONA
24 April, 2020

When it comes to delivering quality intraoral imaging results, we’re pretty sure that there’s not a lot of competition for the Preva X-Rays.

These machines are packed with amazing features that make it an exceptional piece of dental equipment that any clinic should have. 

You’re probably asking yourselves “what exactly are these features?” And we’ll be more than happy to tell all of you about them! From image clarity to being ergonomically good for dental practitioners, it is our utmost pleasure to share why Preva X-Rays is one of the best imaging machines in the market!

Image Clarity

The main goal of the Preva X-ray machines is to detect cavities, or other issues, in different areas of a person’s teeth. One of the easiest and fastest ways to identify a problem is by taking a quality image of it, giving the dentist a better picture of what they’re dealing with. The machines’ lenses are so sophisticated; it’s capable of delivering 0.4-mm focal spot focus, well-detailed image. This allows dentists to easily identify pathologies using film or digital sensors.

Easy to Use

One of the main reasons that dentists shy away from other dental x-ray machines is because some of them have a user-interface that’s too complex. Their functionalities and schematics may be too technical for most users. With the Preva X-Rays, however, every dentist is sure to get a user-friendly experience thanks to its easy-to-use LCD control panel display, equipped with large icons, which aid in identifying patient size, target tooth, and receptor type. It has 30 pre-programmed technique settings too, which makes it easier for dentists to personalize each setting to fit their style.


There are times when acquiring quality intraoral imaging is made challenging, not because the patient’s diagnosis is too complex, but is rather due to a machine’s faulty design. This mostly happens when a patient’s head is unable to stay still because the machine couldn’t properly support it, making it slowly drift or sag. With its proprietary dual-arm braking system, the patient’s head stays exactly where it is rested eliminating any risk of drifting or sagging.

Ergonomically Friendly

Ergonomics play an important role in every dental practitioner’s job. Aside from their training, it’s also one of the factors that helps keep both the dentist (including his/her assistant) and patient safe from possible injuries. Illnesses like musculoskeletal disorders can also be prevented with the aid of proper ergonomics. The Preva X-Rays understand such things, which is why they are specifically designed for quick one-handed positioning and effortless movement. It also has built-in storage to keep the sensors safe from being misplaced or damaged.
Before, intraoral imaging was only a dream, but now, it is one of the most innovative functions that any dental x-ray machine can offer. Though it’s true that Preva X-Rays’ niche, is capturing images, it doesn’t rely on it. The other innovations integrated into its design are exactly what make it a far better choice for anyone in the field of dentistry!