PulmOne Leading The Charge To Simplify Complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) With The MiniBox+

Supplier: HEDI Care
01 July, 2020

Today’s technology allows for an improved patient experience.

Traditional pulmonary function testing methods, like gas dilution and body plethysmography, require patient cooperation and extensive technologist knowledge.

PulmOne’s MiniBox+ PFT device has innovated Lung Volume Measurements with a unique interruption method requiring only tidal breathing from the patient followed by a slow vital capacity. The entire measurement takes only 90 seconds. It’s much easier not only for patients, but also for any technologist who can coach traditional spirometry.

Simpler for the clinician

With the MiniBox+, complicated and tedious complete PFT requiring a 1-hour block of time per patient is a thing of the past. With intuitive touch screen capabilities and streamlined settings and reports, you can analyze spirometry, lung volumes, diffusion, and post bronchodilator spirometry in as little as 20 minutes. The experienced respiratory therapist will appreciate its ease of use and their freed-up time to focus on higher quality efforts and patient care.

Its reliability, lower cost and lower space requirements than a body plethysmograph, makes the MiniBox+ a preferred complete PFT machine for both office practices and hospital clinics.