Reduce waste, save the planet

Supplier: Bio Hygiene
13 December, 2017

We should all know by now that millions of plastic containers end up in landfill and in our oceans every year.

Coal, oil and natural gases are all used in the process of manufacturing plastic containers. When these eventually break down (100s of years later) gases are released into the atmosphere, mostly methane.

Australians use 1.3 million tonnes of plastic every year and almost half is recycled but the other half ends up in all the wrong places having a negative impact on the environment.

Key facts:

  • It can take 12 x 5ltr empty plastic containers to make one adult fleece jacket
  • It takes 3 times the amount of water to produce just one plastic bottle than to fill it
  • Bottled water costs 1000 times more than tap water
  • Nearly all tap water is more heavily regulated than bottled water

Recycling Tips:

  • Take your own bags to the supermarket
  • Tie the bag in a knot so it has less chance of blowing around in the wind
  • Remove the rings on plastic bottles
  • All plastic bags can be returned to the supermarket
  • Plastic bags should not go into the recycling bin, this usually clogs the system slowing down the process of what really should be recycled
  • Bags full of plastic bottles will not be separated into recycling. For safety reasons, it will end up in the normal rubbish. To avoid this, make sure to throw loose bottles into the recycling bin only