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Bio Hygiene

Bio Hygiene | A complete Dental/Medical infection control range

Bio Hygiene

Bio Hygiene have been manufacturing Dental and Medical infection control products since 1999.
We have made many friendships and business acquaintances throughout this time. Working with the country’s largest dental depots and government services (Greater Western Health).

Producing the Beviston range in Australia from high quality German concentrates means savings on GST/Duty/Shipping. This also helps keeping jobs in Australia.

The differences from our competitors are we concentrate on the dental nurses. Making their working environment safer and more environmentally friendly. Our offices and factories in Australia and Germany have specialists always ready to take calls on any questions that you might have about infection control. We can even inform you if your current products are safe to use.

Our catalogue produces much less waste with refillable Foam Dispensers and refillable Buckets of Wipes. Bio Hygiene/Beviston products are TGA listed and above Australian standards.

Chemical free products are also available. These cleaners are focused on the office, chairs, windows, keyboards, phones waiting rooms and at home. They are manufactured in Tasmania by Clean Conscience.

When it comes to a new way of thinking about infection control you can rely on Bio Hygiene.

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