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Ultrasound Machine - Compare & Buy

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<p>Find and buy ultrasound machines from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. Ultrasound machines use high-frequency sound waves to make images of internal bodily structures.&nbsp;</p> <p>Things to consider when buying an ultrasound machine:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Type of ultrasound</strong> - The first and undoubtedly the most crucial consideration is to understand your specific needs. Different types of ultrasound machines include: Obstetric, abdominal, breast, carotid ultrasound imaging, musculoskeletal, pelvic, scrotal, thyroid and venous.</li> <li><strong>Standard Console Vs Portable</strong> - Consider whether you want a portable or console ultrasound machine. Portable units are available in three different categories including, laptop, fold-down, and tablet units. Console ultrasound machines are typically stationary and bulky but come with a myriad of diagnostic features and offer better image quality.</li> <li><strong>Core features</strong> - A few of the main technical specs to look for are: <ul> <li><strong>Frequency</strong> - This refers to how deep the ultrasound waves penetrate. Higher frequencies (between 10-16 MHz) offer superficial images while lower frequencies provide deeper penetration.</li> <li><strong>Power output imaging</strong> - Ultrasound machines have either low or high power output.</li> </ul></li> <li><strong>Other key considerations include</strong> - Brand, price, imaging modes, ease of use, battery life and maintenance costs.</li> </ul> <p><br /> Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on Ultrasound Machines. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>