Selecting the right non slip mats for health and aged care industries

Supplier: Amco Matting
05 September, 2017

The Australian Matting Company has been working closely with the health and aged care industries since established in 1994.

We at Amco have developed a well suited range of non slip mats for Australia and New Zealand in one of the most demanding industries, health and aged care.

Special considerations should be taken when working out what non slip mats should installed in a particular area of use.

Hospitals, in particular, need to consider what chemicals are present in the environment. Does any spilt liquid need to be contained, or can it drain? Does the mat need to be hygiene accredited or TGA certified? What surface is the mat going onto, and will there be any reaction between the floor and the mat? All these considerations are essential when ensuring that the mat you install does the right job and does not fail under prevailing conditions.

In freezer areas: Obviously a mat that is going into a freezer area or is being exposed to subzero temperatures has to be a made from a material that will not shrivel or crack and harden when exposed to these temperatures. Likewise, it has to have a solid anti-slip lug pattern to ensure that it remains effective when covered with ice, and does not become a slipping hazard.

Scrub sinks: What chemicals are being used in the mix? Is it a soapy environment, or is it a plain water rinse? How wet does the floor get? How adequate is the current drainage? A mat must be resistant to chemicals, but should it have a dam edge, or be draining friendly? Does it need to have holes, or will a solid mat work better? All this must be taken into consideration to ensure that your slip control measures are effective.

Theatre: Are the mats TGA certified? Are they closed cell and 100% non-absorbent? What will happen if fluid spills on the mat? Will it make it sticky and pull fluff off the shoes or boots – or will it make a slippery surface, endangering the operation? How long are the procedures and what sort of cleaning turnarounds are to be expected?

Food Prep and Kitchen: How easy are non slip mats to clean food like soup from? And what about sandwich crumbs? And other spillages – food is one way to make a clean mat messy and in only a few minutes. How well do trolleys wheel over the mats, and likewise, what chemicals are being used for cleaning? Will your slightly acidic floor cleaner harm the mats? Or, how about bleaches used to clean sinks? All these need to be considered to make sure you are getting the best service possible from your mats?

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