Signet's new mobile scanning app

Supplier: Signet Medical By: Phyllida Yeo
07 February, 2016

Signet, a leading Australian manufacturer of packaging, construction, safety and cleaning supplies and proudly recognised leader in customer service excellence, has given customers yet another reason to choose Signet as their preferred supplier through the release of a Mobile Scanning App.

The Mobile Scanning App has been designed with the customer in mind: a streamlined ordering experience, which allows them to enjoy time saving benefits. Customers now have the power to purchase goods directly from their Iphone or Ipad, in just a matter of minutes. Signet understands that time is a precious and invaluable resource, and one which many businesses may not have much to spare. The mobile apps user friendly, point and scan functionality will ensure that warehouse employees and office workers alike will be able to easily order the items they need, fast.

The Scanning App also includes additional features of:

  • "Previous scans"-Customers can look at their 10 previous scans in that specific session, allowing for the easy tracking of already scanned items and reducing the risk of duplicating items by mistake.
  • Search functionality-The search bar lets the user browse Signet's extensive product range from the palm of their hand.
  • "My Account" functionality-Allows customers to shop from their own list of favourite items and add them directly to the cart.
  • Quick, secure check out-The easy to use checkout submits orders fast and provides an instant reference number.

Customers will enjoy the benefits of now being able to order on the go, as they are working in the warehouse or in the office, without the need for a computer or traditional pen and paper. Simply make sure that the Signet barcode is within the yellow scanning lines and it will automatically scan and find the item.

The Scanning App is just one of the many ways Signet is making ordering a more convenient experience. The development of product finder tools for boxes, bags and ink cartridges, the re-design of product pages to show stock levels & extra content, and product ratings & reviews, are all changes implemented to ensure that we are helping Australia compete by providing quick and easy ordering methods so that our customers can get their goods when they need them.

To get started, head to the App store and download today