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State of the art technology and material used to make gowns

Supplier: Multigate Medical Products
17 October, 2008

Multigate Medical claims that Compro surgical gowns are amongst the most comfortable and popular gowns available in Australia.

Using state of the art materials and technology Multigate now offers theatre staff higher levels of protection in a gown more comfortable than ever before.

Cloth-like texture

Compro gowns are made from Softese®, a spunlace non-woven medical fabric made by Dupont®.

Softese® brilliantly utilises the strength of polyester and the comfort of traditional woodpulps.

The fabric features advanced material technology that provides a splash resistant barrier that's breathable.

It has low lint and is very drapable, keeping you cool and comfortable while you work.

Flammability: Meets CPSC 16 CFR Part 1610 of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Federal Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles.

Superior design

The designs are generous in size and length, for extra comfort and protection. The neckline features a velcro-style closure that easily adjusts to suit different neck sizes.

This helps prevent gapping in the front of the gown, giving extra protection against fluids.

Both the fabric and the gown are designed and manufactured to surpass the stringent requirements of the new US standard for surgical gowns AAMI:PB70.

Uncompromising performance...

Compro gowns are fully fluid and bacteria repellent. The critical arm and chest areas are further protected by reinforcement with an additional strong, yet breathable layer of Tyvek® on the arms and Tyvek®C on the chest.

The seams on the sleeves are glued to exclude pin holes that are unavoidable in stitching.

...and comfort too.

Compro gowns are designed for comfort. They breathe better, drape better and are designed for ease of movement.

Put one on and the first thing you feel is the soft, cloth-like texture. A pleasure to wear, even during lengthy periods in the O.R.