Take the hassle out of emptying large bins

Supplier: Spacepac Industries
25 August, 2015

The best bin tippers will help any organisation take out its waste more efficiently

In any industrial setting, there will always be a need for discarding waste items into large rubbish bins.

Whether this material is simple waste, recyclable products, leftover fabrics or extra plastics, these bins are an exceptional way to keep rubbish organised and out of the way of mission critical business operations.

While large bins mean more rubbish can stored, it also makes them much harder to empty once they've reached their full capacity. Workers will quickly find they risk being inured or sustaining other more chronic injuries if they repeatedly empty these large bins on their own.

This not only leads to lower productivity, it can even result in worse employee morale and performance in the long run, further driving down productivity and even profits.

One of the best ways to offset the risks of employee strain and injury is to use a multi-tip bin tipper to address several problems all at once.

The multi-tip bin tippers available from Spacepac have a capacity of 150kg, and the standard cradle was designed specifically for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins. If it's necessary, the products can also come with a bolt-on spring-loaded catch kit, making it easy to empty several kinds of bins.

The machine features cradles that are perfect for both plastic and steel drums, as well as rectangular bis and other containers that may not be a standard shape or size.

There are two different heights available, depending on what the environment calls for, and there are several battery options so facility managers can choose the package that best fits the setting.

Emptying waste is crucial in any facility, so make sure your system includes the most advanced products that can send productivity and employee wellness higher.

Spacepac Multi Tip Bin Tipper