The latest innovation in trolley design

Introducing The Sterilius... let's find out what's all the fuss about?

A trolley is just a trolley right?  WRONG!  

Sterilius is a cupboard trolley for sterile supplies manufactured in Denmark, which has been developed by Medic-Al in cooperation with the sterilisation department at Glostrup Hospital, Alucluster - knowledge and technology centre for aluminium and designer, Hans Christian Bauer, in a process referred to as user-driven innovation.

User-driven Innovation: During the designing, development and testing of the cupboard trolley for sterile supplies, focus has been on customers’ experiences and requirements.

Design: The Danish designer, Hans Christian Bauer.

Environment: Sterilius sets new standards within cupboard trolleys for sterile supplies by using environmentally friendly aluminium materials which ensure a long lifetime and a high degree of reutilisation while also providing an extreme durable design.

Ergonomics: An extremely easy-moving and stable construction (50kg) which, with easy gliding wheels and the option of individual positioning of the hands, foot-operated wheel brake with directional and overall brakes plus ergonomically correct operation, prevents physical strain.

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