The Preva DC Intraoral X-ray is Unlike any X-ray Machine in the Market!

Supplier: ICONA By: Delonix
27 October, 2021

When it comes to delivering quality intraoral imaging results and reliability, the Preva is where technology meets simplicity perfectly!

Professor of Physics, Wilhelm Roentgen, first discovered x-ray back in 1895 by accident. 125 years later and you can see Roentgen’s accidental discovery still being used today and has even been improved to get better results.

There’s no question that we find x-rays to be exceptionally useful for diagnosing broken bones, lung problems, and even cancer. X-rays come in many types, depending on what it’s for, and there are some x-ray imaging machines that are better than others. Take Preva DC, for example, an x-ray machine where technology meets simplicity perfectly!


Multiple Powerful Features

Preva DC is an intraoral x-ray machine that dentists can never go wrong with. It has an amazing 0.4mm focal spot feature that produces higher resolution images, which yields more accurate results. Users can expect sharper and more defined details from the image, with pathologies being easier to spot, and it’s compatible with digital sensors and phosphor plates. The Preva intra oral x-ray is self-calibrating after every image ensuring quality and consistency of images.

The Preva DC also offers numerous adjustable techniques that give its users total control. It lets them decide how and on what angle they’d want to see the images, along with some selectable contrast, gray scale, and density options that the user prefers. On more technical terms, Preva DC has choices for kV (kilovolt) of 60, 65, and 70. mA (milliampere) of 4, 5, 6, and 7. Time between 0.02 seconds to 2 seconds.


Enhances Workflow and Positioning

If there is one challenge that x-ray machines face, it’s their lack of mobility and positioning. Take a common chest x-ray examination, for example. The patient must be in a very specific position, so that the x-ray could capture the chest cavity, lungs, sternum, and more.

Fortunately, Preva DC is stable and has drift-free positioning. Practitioners would be able to feel the x-ray imaging machine’s exceptional balance and effortless movement. The machine is also known for its remarkable arm mechanicsdual braking system, and handle design, giving its users a wonderful ergonomic experience.


Provides Amazing Benefits

What an x-ray machine can do and the benefits it offers are staple questions that practitioners ask for. After all, a practitioner wouldn’t want to buy a dental chair if it didn’t have the importance of ergonomics in dental practices embedded in its features. Fortunately, Preva DC knows what its users want.

One of its well-known options that can be integrated is the innovatively integrated ClearVision sensor, which takes digital imaging to a completely new level. Messy cables and electrical wires are a thing of the past too, with everything being self-contained and hidden away inside the Preva DC. Images can also be captured and viewed within the monitor in seconds, having almost zero delay during image processing.

In general, x-ray imaging has made it easier for dentists and doctors to properly diagnose a patient, which 90% of the time leads to the right treatment. However, what makes x-ray machines like Preva DC a cut above the rest is that it contributes to the entire community by providing practitioners with better benefits, therefore giving patients better results!



Known throughout the various disciplines for its reliability, the Preva is now offered with a 3 year warranty and is available in 4 different arm lengths to suit any environment. There is also a mobile version available together with Veterinary models.

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