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15 July, 2019

This week: Improving the delivery of primary care for older people - What's your backup plan when medicines run dry? - Using 3D printed robots in surgeries - and more.

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$2.8 million diabetes funding boost to fight amputations, blindness

The funding will be split between $1.5 million for the KeepSight program that reminds people with diabetes to get their eyes checked regularly and $1.3 million for the development of a program to help diabetics identify feet problems caused by the condition and find treatment. -


Using 3D Printed Robots in Knee Surgeries

Miniature surgical robots that are unique to the individual patient’s anatomy are being created by researchers from the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. -


Improving the delivery of primary care for older people

The Australian Institute for Health and Welfare estimates that by 2057 there will be 8.8 million Australians aged 65 years and over, representing 22% of the population. This is an increase from 3.8 million (15% of the population) in 2017. -


GPs ‘central’ to reducing polypharmacy

Almost one million Australians aged 70 and over take five or more medications daily, placing them at increased risk of unwanted side effects, more frequent hospital admissions and falls. -


When medicines run dry, what's your backup plan?

What do you do when your hospital pharmacy can’t fill a script? I don’t mean your computers have gone down, I mean supplies of the medication requested have run dry. Not just at your pharmacy and not just in your city or town, but right across the country. Do you have a backup plan? -


Complementary medicine and chronic illness

Despite strides made in research and clinical practice of Western medicine to improve the management of illness trajectory, the rising utilization of complementary medicine among persons living with chronic illnesses can be baffling to clinicians. -


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