Using a walk-in bath in a Sydney Group Home

Supplier: Windsor Walk-In Baths (Australia)
23 May, 2016

Using a walk-in bath in a Sydney group home for clients aged 55+ with intellectual disabilities.

ACL Disability Services is a not-for-profit organisation who operate group homes for clients requiring a higher level of care. Their fully trained direct support professionals assist their group home clients with personal care and assistance with all aspects of daily living activities.

Some time ago, Libby Gay, the Service Coordinator for ACL, started looking for a way for clients to bathe that would be better for clients and staff. Her thoughts were, "As our clients are over the age of 55, and some clients in their 70's, it is necessary to ensure that we have appliances such as the walk in bath in place to further encourage 'aging in place' and ensure that our residents are able to stay in their home for as long as possible".

Windsor Baths installed the ACCESS model bath in a Sydney group home of ACL Disability Services.

It is available with the door on either side, and with or without a Canadian hydrotherapy spa system installed.

The 180 degree opening door allows clients to get into and out of the bath with minimal assistance. This makes the whole bathing process more pleasant for the client and much easier on the carer.

The ACCESS model is the largest selling walk-in bath in Australia and the model recommended in over 90% of cases by OT's.

We recently contacted Libby to ask how using a walk-in bath in a group home has worked for ACL.

Having had a bath for a period of time gave the staff a chance to understand the bath better and to be able to offer helpful insights.

Libby contacted the staff in the group home and found that they had found the bath a real benefit. Here is a couple of direct quotes in relation to the walk in bath.

"We have had a great experience with our walk in bath for our clients with mobility issues and our client's love their walk in bath as they get to relax after a long day with a long soak in the bath."

If you are considering to use a Walk In Bath in a Group Home please feel free to contact us for some advice.