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Wentworth Furniture started as a family business 35 years ago making wooden toys and kindergarten furniture. Wentworth has always had a philosophy of innovation, quality and design. This philosophy quickly led Wentworth into main stream furniture where they are now recognised as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, still driven by innovation, design and quality.

Wentworth is at the fore in concept of crafting furniture from Australia’s Natural Feature Hardwoods - unique in the world. The integrity of our forests is ensured by milling under the strictest regulations in accord with Regional Forest Agreements negotiated with the Federal Government.

Wentworth’s wide ranging designs are all based on Australian Natural Feature Hardwood timbers. We chose these timbers for 3 main reasons:

The timbers have withstood the ravages of the harsh Australian climate. As a result of wildfires, flood, drought, storms and insect attack, natural bruising, scars and kino (gum veins) occur and with select milling these features create a unique and superb character.
In addition to the aesthetic appeal, there are real environmental benefits due to the better utilisation of our valuable forest resources. We are adding value to timbers in the form of fine furniture instead of allowing it to be processed in very low value added ways.
The timber is especially hard and stable and is therefore a natural choice for furniture making.
In summary, we have created a range of furniture which offers a unique combination of character, durability and environmental responsibility not previously known. By harmonising these features with appropriate designs we believe that we are able to create special pieces that will be highly valued many decades from now.

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