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Aus Systems

Aus systems has been a leading medical products manufacturer and distributor since it was established in 1988.

All Aus systems products are manufactured using the latest technology. New and innovative processes are continually being researched to enable the company to offer cost effective products with the benefits being passed on to end users.

To ensure effective and timely distribution in a diverse range of markets, the company contracts local agents worldwide who are trained in the application of Aus systems products, offer excellent customer service and who understand the unique requirements of their local market.

Quality control is at the forefront of every product manufactured and distributed by Aus systems.

Aus Systems operates under global quality assurance standards, including CE mark, and also meets the stringent standards of “Quality Control Management System – Medical Devices ISO13485”.

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In its infancy Aus Systems focused on developing high quality products that offered a cost effective and innovative alternative to others. Today those values are still the driving force behind the company.

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