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Equipmed Ltd

Equipmed Ltd | Aesthetic Equipment, Dermatology & Disinfection

Equipmed Ltd

Equipmed was established in 1984 and from modest beginnings has grown into one of the world’s leading independent distributors and suppliers of innovative cosmetic, dermatological and disinfection equipment.

The global reach of the company now extends to New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom. Equipmed has a policy of not tying itself to a single brand but sources the very best products for each cosmetic, dermatological and disinfection application. This ensures that Equipmed customers are constantly being exposed to the most cutting edge technology available, worldwide.

Equipmed’s management and their global sales team have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the cosmetic, dermatological and disinfection industries, and we believe that our support and excellent after-sale service ensures that our customers have complete customer satisfaction.

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