Importance of Healthcare Keyboards to Keep Infections at Bay!

02 May 2022

Realizing the importance of keyboards in healthcare environments

Healthcare has always been an important priority in the world, especially with the pandemic. Medical establishments have made a point to use tools and equipment that pathogens can’t thrive in. To assist in improving the state of healthcare in medical facilities and clinics Australia wide, ICONA has a range of healthcare waterproof keyboards that can be easily disinfected!

The Importance of Healthcare Keyboards

Regular keyboards may suffice in some offices and other fields, but medical establishments require a special type of keyboard. A keyboard that can prevent infections, can be disinfected, easily cleaned and are an excellent multi-faceted medical tool. Healthcare keyboards are good examples of how the COVID-19 pandemic demand higher standards for medical devices.

Keyboards can become fomites, objects that have a high potential of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria or germs, over time. Fomites play a huge part for person-to-person transmission to happen. Knowing this, manufacturers of healthcare keyboards were prompted to design and treat them in such a way as that would make them fomite-proof.

Healthcare keyboards are completely sealed embedded with antibacterial silicone material, waterproof IP68 rated (letting them handle more meticulous cleaning) and have excellent hygienic properties. They are easily cleaned with warm soapy water or hospital grade antibacterial wipes and sprays.

ICONA’s Healthcare Keyboard Features and Benefits

To cater for users’ individual preferences, the ICONA range includes two styles of keyboard:

  1. Glass top keyboard with integrated mouse pad which provides the same style of operation like a smartphone or tablet using finger gestures.
  1. Silicone encased keyboard with raised keys which provides a similar feel to a traditional keyboard. The silicone encased keyboards are available with a fully sealed mouse or a mouse pad integrated in the keyboard. There is also the option of USB or wireless connectivity.



  • Complete protection against dust and liquids
  • Full range of function keys and number pad
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean in place with no disconnection required
  • Antibacterial silicone
  • Plug and Play
  • Suitable for all abluent and bactericides
  • On/Off button stops data from being transmitted when the keyboard is being wiped down

The result is medical keyboards of exceptional quality that can be easily disinfected and are user friendly.

No matter where they are used, whether it is in a dental practice in Melbourne, a medical practice in Bourke, a veterinary clinic in Manly or a hospital in Perth, our healthcare keyboards will help with keeping germs at bay. If you were to make a list of 5 ways that healthcare workers can keep themselves healthy, then it’s important to include the ICONA healthcare keyboards in the list. In a battle where the enemy is mostly invisible, the healthcare keyboards can serve as a shield that’ll assist in blocking infections and pathogens.