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Jomor Healthcare

Jomor Healthcare | Hi Low Beds, Mattresses, Aged care furniture

Jomor Healthcare

Jomor Healthcare has been manufacturing electronic beds and related equipment for over 13 years.

At Jomor, we are committed to using state of the art technology in manufacturing to produce superior quality products that meet the ever-changing needs of the Healthcare Industry.

Our range of high quality nursing beds and mattresses have been designed and manufactured to comply with and exceed the requirements of Occupational Health & Safety, Infection Control and Australian Standards.

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Our aim is to continue to furnish our customers with a large range of leading design healthcare equipment. We give our customers a competitive advantage by servicing their needs with equipment which is safe, compliant and reliable.

Focus areas for the business include:

1 - Nurturing existing customers and developing new long term business relationships

2 - Operating an efficient and safely managed workshop, within legal and legislative requirements, utilising appropriate and current technology and equipment

3 - Developing the required skills of all personnel whilst promoting an enthusiastic and rewarding work environment

4 - Achieving financial objectives

Through communication, diligence and technology, Jomor Healthcare strives to continuously improve our product and practices to bring benefit to our customers, staff and the community.

Deon Gilbert

Managing Director

Jomor Healthcare Pty Ltd

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