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Salli Sway Saddle Seat | Black

Supplier: Fairway Dental

Salli Sway Saddle Seat in black is ideal for dentists as a space-saving and comfortable sitting solution.

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In fact many dentists purchase an extra Salli for thier home office*. Used by many health professionals (e.g. dentists, surgeons, podiatrists), production line workers, architects, office workers, beauticians, people with disabilities and many more!

*Note: When using the Salli you sit higher and more upright. If using Salli at a desk or bench it is important that you are able to raise the height of your work surface to achieve proper posture.

The Salli Sway™ with "active seating" from Salli the Finnish manufacturer of the worlds best ergonomic saddle seats.

Active seating is a rocking mechanism that enables the saddle seat to be tilted in every direction without a separate adjustment lever. It functions in much the same way as a proprioceptor board is used for retraining/rehabilitation of the ankles after strain or injury.

Traditional saddle seats lock the pelvis in the seated position, whereas the Salli Sway enables 360 degree pelvic movement, and as your centre of weight changes with natural movement, it encourages the muscles in the lower back improving tone and strength; reducing back pain and sitting fatigue.

  • Features Active seating. 
  • Designed in Finland by Salli the worlds best manufacturer of saddle seats.
  • Simple and sturdy design.
  • Features the world patented divided Salli Saddle Seat; the most comfortable saddle seat in the world.
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring.
  • Recommended to all with low back pains or desire to have the healthiest possible seat for their lower back metabolism.

Did you know that sitting on a Salli saddle seat will improve your health?

  • Eases shoulder pain
    On Salli you sit like on a horse. The chair directs your body automatically in the natural position, provided that the height of the chair is correctly adjusted. Using the Salli saddle chair together with a Salli table helps the neck and shoulder area to relax.
  • Diminishes the risk of joint problems
    The optimum sitting position on a saddle chair creates a 135-degree angle between the thighs and the upper body. According to several international studies, this is the only healthy way to sit because it improves circulation in the hip and knee joints.
  • Speeds up metabolism
    When we sit in a slouched position, the intestines get pressed between the hip and the upper body which slows down bowel movements. It is impossible to slouch on a Salli!
  • Helps rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles
    Lots of middle-aged women have problems with their pelvic floor muscles. Sitting on a Salli Sway activates those muscles effectively.

Why A Salli Saddle Seat?

  • A good saddle chair costs as much as other high-quality furniture but they prevent ailments and dramatically increase work productivity. 
  • For such a low investment organizations have a hard time finding a more profitable investment than changing the traditional and problematic way of sitting.

Saddle chairs, just like any other furniture, are very different quality-wise. If you are not an expert it is difficult to tell the difference between quality saddle chairs and cheap copies by just hastily testing the chair or listening to the sales person. In a high-quality saddle chair the design does not press the buttocks, inner thighs, or genital area, the padding and upholstery are cool and not too soft, and the materials of the trunk, base and wheels are of quality.

Salli is the best choice for more reasons than one, as you can see below.

  • Divided seat
    Only Salli can offer the two-part seat that means better genital health for both men and women. 
  • Active seating
    A superior rehabilitation aid for the lower back. The swinging mechanism enables the exercising of the back in a healthy way that improves the metabolism of the discs and the blood circulation into the lower back. 
  • Wheels
    High quality soft wheels to protect floor surfaces. 
  • Base
    High quality chrome base.
  • Materials
    Salli uses durable materials: the trunk of the seat is made of three millimeter steel and the seat is upholstered with durable polyurethane (PU) fabric. 
  • Buy an original Salli
    Every seat is marked with an authenticity plaque with a serial number. 
  • Export
    Salli Systems exports its products to over 40 countries and is constantly receiving valuable international feedback to be used in its research and development.


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