Stop accidental power disconnection with IEC-LOCK

Supplier: Wagner Electronics
03 June, 2016

Ideal for medical equipment, servers, workstations, PDU's, UPS's, networking and storage devices, Compatible with any IEC standard inlet, no tools or additional brackets or clips required.

The IEC Lock range protects against accidental disconnection of power cables to servers, workstations, PDU's, UPS's, networking devices, storage devices, security systems and any other equipment that uses standard IEC connectors.

Simply push the IEC Lock connector into any standard IEC inlet and it is locked in position. The connector cannot be accidentally pulled out or vibrated out of the inlet. To remove, simply slide back the 'red' tab to release the lock mechanism and remove the connector from the inlet.

Available in a range for connectors such as IEC C13, IEC C14, IEC 19, IEC 20 and suitable for all Commercial and Medical Industries.

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