Best Folding Power Wheelchair For 2021

18 Oct 2020

The Dinkum NAVIGATOR is a Lightweight power wheelchair that folds and unfolds in a couple of seconds and is an Aussie design built for our diverse terrains and has a purpose built passenger trailer.


The Dinkum NAVIGATOR is a Lightweight power wheelchair that folds and unfolds in a couple of seconds and is an Aussie design built for our diverse terrains.

It is made from Airplane grade Aluminum Alloy and complies with most major airlines.

The 2x li-ion batteries with take an average person up to 40kms on a full charge and will easily drive over cobbled pave, wet grass and uphill, hardened sand & snow, and even over gravel.

The chair is driven by 2x 250w brushless motors are maintenance free just like the intelligent Joystick.

The 12” rear wheel and solid puncture proof tyre allows for more tread on the surface which means, better traction and the suspension promotes a smoother ride.


The Dinkum Navigator will go up a 10° hill easily and if you stop, the electromagnetic regenerative disc brakes will activate leaving you feeling safe.

The anti-tilt sensors will also stop the chair if it senses an unsafe situation, so you have peace of mind know that you are safe while driving on most terrains.

From a full speed of 6km/hr, the Dinkum Navigator will stop in just 1.1 mtrs without jerking.


The Dinkum Navigator weighs only 28kg and can easily put into the boot of most sedans and easily into the back of an SUV.


The seat cushion is made with antibacterial foam and the machine washable covers are made from high quality Oxford fabric which is also anti-slip. The chair also has a seat belt to secure you in.

The back rest and under cushion are equipped with velcro adjustable straps so they can be tightened or loosened to suit your style of sitting to be more comfortable.


The Dinkum Navigator is designed to give a person everything they want from their chair when out

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Reliability
  • 2-year warranty on frame
  • Aussie Design

Dinkum T-100 Passenger Trailer

The T-100 passenger trailer is a purpose-built trailer that easily attaches onto the back of the Navigator in about 15 seconds.

The seat on the T-100 is soft and springy and is ideal for a second person to hitch a lift, such as a oved on long the beach front, in the bush or just travelling to the local shops. It is also handy if you want to take a grandchild to the park.

  • Ideal for partner
  • Ideal for Carer
  • Get you freedom back and take someone out with you.
  • 8” solid puncture proof tyre

Carer Attachment.

A simple attachment allows the Dinkum Navigator and T-100 trailer to be driven from the rear.


Ideal for elderly and carers and extremely popular when loading into a rear of a hatch or SUV..

Made from high quality aluminum the two telescopic runners have high grade grit to ensure grip with side walls to prevent the chair from rolling off.

The extended size is 1800,, and when the easy loc button are pushed, it reduces to about 1mtr for easy storage with the power wheelchair.

The RANA Telescopic ramps with carry a combined weight of up to 270kg and is also handy for those visits that are not so accessible.

AbbiCare 2 in 1 Boot and Bumper Mat Protector

The 2 in 1 boot and bumper mat help to protect the carpet. The carpet mat measures at 90x90cm while the flip over bumper mat is 60x90cm.

Ideal to avoid scratches on the bumper when using a RANA telescopic ramp or just lifting the chair into the vehicle.

Stocks are arriving at the end of October and five are already ear-marked. To find out more give us a call and hold one with a deposit or visit our website to read more or simply type Dinkum Navigator into your search bar and go straight to the page.