Foldable Wheelchair for 2020

Supplier: AbbiCare
06 February, 2020

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Mmm, which foldable wheelchair should I get?

There are an overwhelming amount of travel foldable wheelchairs on the market and you’re probably wondering what is the best electric wheelchair that’s going to suit your needs.

But what are you really getting for your money?

With all the advantages of getting a foldable wheelchair that meets your needs, what else is making you hesitate about this idea?

It’s usually price, reliability and warranties isn’t it?

We’ve chosen the best electric foldable wheelchair for 2020 by looking at what is most reliable and offering peace of mind so you get your monies worth for the longer term.

Traditional methods are less of an option nowadays because buying travel lightweight foldable wheelchairs in Australia is getting more accessible online, which means, you’re going to get more bang for your buck!

Reliability and Warranties have to be second to comfort and certainly battery life. battery life is so important nowadays because of the cost of replacement.

That’s why we’ve been helping elderly and people with disabilities for the past three years and with great success, we can say without a doubt, that we have had zero faults or returns. 

Let me guess. You’re worrying that your electric chair is going to go the distance, have long lasting battery life, comfortable and moreover, with proven reliability to reduce service costs, right?

Well don’t worry because we have the selected the three best travel electric foldable wheelchair for 2020 right here you to choose from because they are popular amongst people with a disability, and especially Multiple Sclerosis, and not forgetting elderly that need that little more distance.

So let’s get right into it…



best electric chair


The HEDY 01 is the first travel folding electric wheelchair that is the complete package.

This smart power wheelchair has your safety in mind first, and everything that you want or need. 

It’s light, folds in seconds, comfortable and has superior five year battery life, which means, no changing batteries for a very long time.

It’s super comfortable and will take upto 150kg safely and this travel power wheelchair has a huge two year warranty.

What is unique about the HEDY range is HEDY 01 also has an SOS function that in the case of emergency, you can call your loved ones and be found easily offering peace of mind when you’re in your out-and-about power wheelchair.


best wheelchair2

Has all the functionality as the HEDY 01,  smart functions such as the SOS and Remote functionality. The remote allows you to, as an example, get to your couch, sit down and by using your smartphone you can remotely steer your Voyager 1i or Voyager 2i out of the way of family.

HEDY are keeping people independent, safe and healthy every day.

Eagle HD


Eagle power, light and folds in seconds. Comes with 2x 250w motors and weighs only 28kgs with great all-Terrain height. 

The batteries are neatly fitted into the integral part of the framework and as with the Voyager i range of power wheelchairs, it has suspension to make your driving experience smoother.

Ideal for the elderly and people with disabilities.