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Wound Irrigation Device | Zerowet

Supplier: Austramedex

Our exclusive AIR VENTS allow trapped air to escape, and our ingenious LAMINAR FLOW NOZZLE TIP provides the high-pressure stream you need for effective irrigation, while encouraging rapid, easy refilling.

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If you’re old enough, you might remember using needles or IV catheters to provide the optimal 8-12 psi pressure required to effectively irrigate wounds. Of course, the everpresent splash, and the occasional needlestick were real problems.

The introduction of the original ZEROWET SPLASHIELD in 1990 completely eliminated both problems. That’s why it quickly became standard irrigation equipment in most ED’s in the US, and is still recommended by name in many leading emergency medicine texts and articles. (And in case you didn’t know, the literature warns us that other methods, such as soaking, bulb syringes, or squeezing plastic bottles are all low-pressure techniques that are simply not effective!)

And now, thanks to a collaboration between Austramedex and Quest Surgical, the ZEROWET SUPERSHIELD is available in Australia!

The ZEROWET SUPERSHEILD is a Quest Surgical product , packed and sterilised by Austramedex. (All packaging and sterilisation protocols follow the guidelines set under the various ISO standards)