10 great podcasts for medical professionals

By: Yolanda Smith - MedicalSearch Writer
14 July, 2015

Podcasts are a brilliant way for busy medical professionals to stay up-to-date with news in health and any emerging research that could affect the decisions made in practice.

They are an interesting, informative and straight to the point resource that you can listen to in your spare time, when you're exercising or even on your commute to and from work.

Here are 10 great podcasts for medical professionals to get you started

Inside Health

Known for separating fact from fiction and helping to break down conflicting health advice, this podcast is great to keep up to date with health issues. Hosted by a British doctor, Dr Mark Porter with regular contributions from GP Margaret McCarthy, this podcast is aimed at a general audience but health professionals reap substantial benefits.

The BMJ Podcast

The British Medical Journal plays a critical role in portraying critical information to medical professionals via the written medium but also has an audio podcast available. It aims to keep you up-to-date with interviews and debates from industry leading health professionals.

Listen to the Lancet

The Lancet podcast brings you important, interesting and sometimes-quirky health topics for some easy and educational listening. It will also keep you updated with the latest news from the Lancet, as well as related podcasts dedicated to the fields of infectious diseases, neurology and oncology.

Healthcare Tech Talk

This podcast is hosted by Terry Baker and Kelly Hill; it aims to bring you the latest news about technology that can be used to enhance the health care services offered to patients. This includes discussions about information technology, informatics, telemedicine and biomedical engineering technology.

Health Report

Hosted by ABC Radio National, this podcast looks at general health principles and issues that are beneficial for both a general audience and health professionals. It also takes a closer look at the social, scientific and political contexts of medicine.

Talking Health

This podcast is hosted by Terry Robinson and Chris Coleman and covers a range of medical topics that are relevant to both the layperson and health professionals. It presents helpful information in an entertaining manner.

Best Science Medicine Podcast

This weekly podcast covers evidenced-based drug therapy in a practical and entertaining way, with a health dose of skepticism. It is aimed at health professionals with the aim of helping to improve day-to-day practice

The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

Hosted by Dr Ken Milne, this podcast is both useful and entertaining. It covers a range of topics in the emergency medicine field and is aimed at the general public, although, health professionals would be sure to get some valuable information from the mix.

Medscape Family Medicine Podcast

WebMD is involved with the making of the Medscape Family Medicine Podcast, which targets a public audience with a range of different health medicines. This is perfect for the health professional that wants some easier educational listening.

Emergency Medicine Cases

This sporadic podcast has been publishing episodes since 2010. It features several bright minds in Emergency Medicine from Canada, providing practical practice solutions through the depiction of case notes and therapeutic decisions.