6 Great Apps for Medical Professionals

By: Grant King, MedicalSearch Writer
14 June, 2016

The mobile age has now officially infiltrated all aspects of our lives. And while the jury is still out on the validity of many medical-related apps, there are some tried and true options that add to your patient care and support.

Here are six worth checking out.

MediMonics – helps remember medical terms via mnemonics

Even the best medical professionals can't be expected to remember every nineteen syllable medical term. So here's a way to commit even the toughest words to memory. Containing more than 1500 terms and related mnemonics, MediMonics uses easy to remember phrases to help you memorise the hardest medical terms. 

The Children's treatment app

This no-frills, but very practical app was developed by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and gives quick and easy advice on how to treat a vast array of paediatric conditions. You simply search for the condition or browse alphabetically. The app then gives advice on how to examine the patient to confirm diagnosis. If you deal with children regularly, this app can reduce your research time.

The CareMonkey app - Children's medical history log for carers

This great little app holds all a child's medical information – allergies, medications, blood type, insurance details, emergency contact numbers and so on – in one handy location. Carers, babysitters or teachers can then easily access the information via their mobile phone. Parents can even load immunisation history and asthma plans. If your surgery has children with special medical needs, the CareMonkey app could be a useful addition to their care package. 

App for cancer pain help

Any app that can assist with pain relief in cancer patients has to be worth considering; especially if it's been designed by the Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education. The app features a treatment decision tree with varying strategies depending on the level of pain, what opiods to prescribe, and how. The app also has a dose conversion calculator and links to palliative care resources.

Antibiotics help app

Developed by the Northern Sydney Local Health District this app helps you search for the right antibiotic to prescribe by indication and location of infection. The app also details side effects, precautions, drug interactions, method of administration and cost among other things. If prescribing antibiotics occupies a significant amount of your surgery time, here's a great way to reduce it.

App for emergency pharmacology

This app has been designed by Australian paramedics to give doctors and emergency services fast reference to emergency medicines, doses and administration. You simply search the library by indication or medicine for a rapid response right there on your mobile phone.