Aidapt Australia's four stretches to slow down osteoarthritis

Aidapt Australia looks at four beneficial exercises to help slow down the progress of osteoarthritis and to help alleviate the pain associate with it.

Our four favourite stretches for slowing down osteoarthritis

We'll start off slowly with a move called the bridge, palms and feet flat on the floor, raise your pelvis off the floor and keep your back straight. Repeat five times.  


Now to really get to work, stay on your back in the same position as the bridge (knees bent and feet flat on the floor), however this time spread your arms and slowly lower your knees to one side while turning your head the other way, then bring them back to neutral and look up, repeat going the opposite way, that's one repetition, do five.   


Ok back laying flat on your back but this time extend your legs, you should be feeling looser from the above two exercises, now bring your knees up to your chest and grab them with your hands, bring them as close to your shoulders as you comfortably can, breathe in deep, then exhale and slowly lower your legs to flat on the floor. Repeat five times. 


Ok soldier, up and at 'em! We'll finish with a simple hip extension, stand a foot behind a chair, lean forward so your shoulders are over the back of a stable chair, then keeping your leg straight rotate away from you as far as you can comfortably go, return to the ground then do the same with the opposite leg. That's one repetition, repeat five times and you're all done! 

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