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BioAssist prides itself on empathising with customer needs

Supplier: Bio-Assist Industries
25 September, 2008

Mary Graham, the managing director of Bio-Assist Industries, talk to MedicalSearch recently about the philosophy behind her company and how the company goes out of its way to meet customer needs.

Below is the Q&A conducted with Graham:

MS: In your own words, can you tell me what your company is all about?

MG: Quite simply, understanding the needs of our client base helps us to develop/manufacture or source products which provide excellent quality and affordability. Our work environment  allows clients to feel comfortable in approaching us with enquiries, and if we don’t have the solution, we can usually find an answer for them. No matter how much effort we put into producing our products and how many words we put into advertising/brochures, without our clients all we have is a warehouse full of products!
MS: What is the philosophy behind your company?

MG: EMPATHY - Being able to put ourselves in the shoes of other people to try and understand what we would do if we needed help with product knowledge, suitability and availability.
RESPECT - If you give it, usually it is returned and it doesn’t cost anything.
KNOWLEDGE - Learn and understand people and products. Know them, understand them, help them.
MS: How long has it be going?

MG: Bio Assist Industries began in June 1995
MS: How long have you been at the company?

MG: When I started the company in 1995
MS: What are your top products?

MG: Peri Foam skin cleanser,  CliniRest Pressure Care Products and Shear Protection garments
MS: What do these products do?

MG: Peri Foam is a skin management product to help maintain healthy skin.  The CliniRest range of products are developed to help reduce the incidents of Pressure Ulcers. The Shear Protection arm and leg protection garments are designed to help prevent skin tear.
MS: What is so special about these products?

MG: All of these products are Australian made. Peri Foam won two international awards in Geneva. The CliniRest product range use only Dunlop foams specifically developed for the healthcare market.  Our mattresses meet the requirements of the PUPPS report for the prevention of Pressure Ulcers.  Shear Protection garments use a blend of natural and synthetic fibers to provide protection against skin tear and sun damage.
MS: What makes your products so different to others on the market?

MG: We offer excellent quality products at very affordable prices.  Our products are less expensive than most of our competitors but the quality has not been compromised in achieving this outcome.
MS: What makes your service so different to any other on the market?

MG: RESPECT -  We listen to our clients needs; treat each customer/client with respect and provide advice on the suitability of products for individual requirements.
MS: Why do you like working for the company so much?

MG: Satisfaction.  I get to talk to our clients and help to find solutions for their healthcare needs. On most days it’s very rewarding.
MS: What difference can your products make to the life of patients?

MG: Our products are simple to use and quite simply work at reducing skin management issues, odour control issues associated with numerous health conditions and they provide a level of comfort and relief from problems, which may have been an issue for some time.  
MS: What kind of reactions have you received from customers who have used your products? 

MG: The feedback from our clients who use our products in the home environment is about how easy these products are to use and how successful they have been in relieving different skin management issues.

Nurses who use our products within their facilities write, phone or tell me about the success stories when we get together at conferences, education days etc. and pass on the information to colleagues
MS: How rewarding is it for you to satisfy the customers?

MG: Having been my mother’s carer MANY years ago, I developing a sense of what is important in the life of people with health problems and have taken this with me throughout life and within my company philosophy. It is a very import part of my dealings with clients and also within the product development stage to ensure that it is not only the company benefiting from our products.