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"Australian women believe that the society expects them to enhance their physical appearance (83%)."
"Australian women believe that the society expects them to enhance their physical appearance (83%)."

Today's Australian woman is health conscious, well-informed and doesn't buy into the pressure put on her in the never-ending quest for an unachievable image...or does she?

Insights released today from "The Woman in the Mirror"; the latest research report from SheSpot, a division of Kidspot.com.au, reveals that:

Her health is good but apparently not good enough

  • It's quite clear that being healthy is a high-order priority, with 4 out of 5 Australian women placing more than passing importance on it.
  • Australian women have the third longest life expectancy rates in the world behind Japan and Switzerland.
  • Nearly 90% rate their health as "good" or better (includes physical and emotional well-being) but less than half are satisfied with this.
  • Living a healthy life is far more important than being well groomed, dressing well or looking beautiful. Or so she says.

Online is growing in popularity

  • Google surpasses her GP for health and wellness related information (72% v 52%).
  • Online research provides answers from articles and real-life advice in forums which she values highly.
  • She favours specialist content sites over online portals or Facebook by a margin of 2 to 1.
  • More than 70% of women are not loyal to a particular health site.
  • Price, convenience and online reviews drive health and beauty online purchasing at the expense of retailers.

She believes that beauty is attitudinal but spends heavily on her appearance.

Australian women believe:

  • Society expects them to enhance their physical appearance (83%)
  • Only the most physically attractive women are portrayed in popular culture (71%).
  • This contradictstheir definition of beauty which nearly 90%says can be achieved through attributes other than physical appearance.
  • Only29% admit that "looking beautiful" is important YET:
  • Australian women are guilty of the highest daily mirror time globally
  • 29% would invest in plastic surgery if they could, and
  • The majority are not satisfied with their looks, shape, weight or physical attractiveness.

If money was no object:

  • 46% of women would spend more on makeup and cosmetics
  • 42% on skin care products,
  • 50% on teeth-whitening products and
  • 75% on more facials and massages.

More information plus charts can be found here - http://www.shespotau.com/Media-release--The-hazards-of-health-and-beauty-marketing.html

Source: AAP PR Releases
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