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CareWell Health beds provide plenty of comfort for the elderly

21 October, 2008

CareWell Health is an Australian owned and operated company that manufactures, designs and supplies health care equipment and furniture.

Its main purpose is to help make the lives of those who help others, easier.  It has been operating since November 2004 and Jason Falinski, the founder and managing director, says that his company is always thinking about ways to do a better job for those who care for others.

"Our beds improve mobility, state of mind, comfort and general quality of life. We understand the difference a bed and equipment in general can have on the way people work and how people are cared for. Customer often love our products for the care and detail that goes in to them.

"We have hundreds of small, seen and unseen, features that make a difference in big and small ways."

CareWell Health believes that helping people through their recovery does not stop with great care and good equipment in a healthcare environment.

Creating a stimulating environment with good art can people stay intellectually engaged and make the recovery process easier.

Then, when you return to your home, their often needs to be healthcare equipment provided. Renting is often the most sensible solution.

CareWell says it has many packages to make life easier.

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