23 Mar 2022

What is Bio-Misting? It is a method of dispensing chemicals and disinfectants via a fine mist which is mechanically sprayed from a bio-misting machine.

Bio-misting machines can be electric or battery operated. They can also be hand-held or on trolleys.

How long has bio-misting been around?
Bio-Misting has been around for a long time and began by being used in the military. The benefits of this method were globally recognised as being useful in the methods of pest control and disinfection.

Where has it been used?
S-7XTRA is used in Australia in all areas listed below currently with the exception of agriculture at this time.

Bio-Misting is widely used in healthcare, emergency services, childcare, aged care, sporting facilities, public and private transport, hotels and resorts, aquatic centres, retail centres and supermarkets, pest control, farming and poultry management, equine facilities, airports, correctional facilities and recently in heritage restoration works.

Safe Work Australia, in their guidelines for Coronavirus and fogging note that if you already use fogging as part of your normal business processes (such as in health care or food manufacturing) you should continue to do so…… If fogging is undertaken, it must only be
performed by trained persons and using appropriate controls in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Is it safe?
Bio-misting is very safe if used with the correct equipment, training and with suitable products and safety wear.
This method can be very effective in providing cleaning crews a safer environment to do their work and can also provide an excellent way to ensure that all surfaces have been treated post-clean.

What are the dangers of Bio-Misting?
In recent times, Bio-Misting or fogging has become very popular but unfortunately, it has also highlighted the dangers associated with this method when used incorrectly and by un-trained individuals and/or by using inferior products or those that can be harmful for people and damaging to surfaces.

Not all products are suitable to be used in this method.

Many advisory services have published notifications stating that fogging is not recommended to try and dissuade those not qualified or knowledgeable on the correct methods and products.

Alcohol or bleach-based products should never be used in these types of machines.

What is the Correct Approach?
Bio-Misting should never be used as stand-alone approach but used in conjunction with a complete cleaning protocol.

We always recommend wearing suitable protective clothing when bio-misting. Although S-7XTRA is safe to use, it is important to protect yourself from all possible contaminants within a room or area.

We also recommend the use of protective eyewear and a mask when bio-misting to stop any eye or throat irritation from occurring.

In rooms or areas of high contamination, a treatment with a bio-mister prior to commencement of cleaning may provide a safer environment for the cleaning crews to do their job.

Pre-clean Bio-Mist - In this instance, the bio-misting should be conducted at low speed starting at the top of the room (ceiling) and away from direct contact with air vents to allow a light mist to fall on surfaces without disturbing them.

NB: Using the correct products such as S-7XTRA will ensure that contaminants in the air will also be eradicated with this method.

Post-Clean Bio-Mist – In this instance, the cleaning of the room would have been conducted, paying particular attention to all high-touch points and all surfaces. After the cleaning process has been completed, again starting at the top of the room (ceiling), go over the room taking care to go over all soft furnishings and curtains and ensure that all corners and surfaces have been treated.

The treatment should be delivered at low to medium speed, allowing the mist to lightly cover the surfaces which have been pre-cleaned. Do not over spray or linger on a surface making it wet or creating drips.

Why S-7XTRA is the right choice for Bio-Misting?
S-7XTRA® will kill pathogens it comes in contact with either in the air or on a surface and, it will also eradicate pathogens that settle on a pre-treated surface using the RBT®

S-7XTRA from Steri-7 has been around for over 20 years and in Australia since 2014. It has been successfully used in all areas of cleaning and disinfection including Bio-Misting with exceptional results.

S-7XTRA is Listed with Claims with the TGA and is effective to clean and kill at 99.9999%
• Bacteria
• Viruses including SARS Cov-2 (Covid-19), Norovirus and all non-enveloped and enveloped viruses inc. Parvovirus.
• Mould
• Fungi
• Yeasts
• Spores including C. Difficile
• Tuberculosis

Additionally, S-7XTRA has a TGA recognised proprietary Reactive Barrier Technology® that provides long lasting protection against these pathogens in between your cleaning cycles and contains multi-actives which reduces the chance of pathogens building resistance.

S-7XTRA has been successfully tested as an aerosol and fogging solution in “dirty” conditions and is able to eradicate air-borne bacteria and other pathogens.

It is not alcohol or bleach based.

S-7XTRA is
• Non-Toxic
• Non-Corrosive
• Non-flammable making it safe to store.
• Food Safe
• Compatible with all materials and surfaces
• Low foaming and does not leave high detergent residues as food sources for pathogens.

S-7XTRA does not need
• Pre-cleaning to be effective when used as part of a cleaning and disinfection process.
(This excludes bio-misting which should include cleaning as part of the overall process)
• To be kept wet for minimum contact time – S-7XTRA begins to work in 15 seconds and continues on working.
• To be rinsed – S-7XTRA should be left to dry naturally to ensure maximum ongoing protection on surfaces and soft furnishings.
• Air vents to be blocked or rooms sealed to bio-mist S-7XTRA.

S-7XTRA is tough on pathogens but gentle enough to be used around children, the elderly and pets and so kind to surfaces that it has been used for heritage restoration on paintings and varnished surfaces.

STERI-7 works on the philosophy of Break, Treat, Prevent. Break the chain of infection by using S-7XTRA, Treat all surfaces against pathogens and, Prevent re-occurrence of contamination with their Reactive Barrier Technology®.

S-7XTRA® is the right choice in all cleaning and disinfection protocols providing unrivalled efficacy and long-lasting protection.