Do you have a Healthtec massage table and not know it?

As you may be aware, Healthtec designs, manufactures and distributes a range of health equipment including our Healthtec Electric Massage Range of massage tables. Some of our products have been sold by our distributors and partners under brand names other than our own. However all genuine Healthtec massage tables carry our Healthtec label and serial number on the lift arm.

Even though we may no longer have distribution or marketing arrangements in place with some of these organisations, we want you to know that Healthtec stands by all of its products and will service these products into the future.

We are aware that there are some imitations of our Healthtec Electric Massage Range offered for sale in the Australian market. While some say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we want you to be able to identify our genuine products from these imitation products. These imitations lack certain critical features which are incorporated in our Healthtec Electrical Massage Range. Unfortunately for potential buyers, this may result in buying an inferior product. We have for example noted that the imitation products are quite unstable compared to ours and clients need to aware of this when comparing our products with the imitations.

It has come to our notice that a former distributor of our Healthtec Electric Massage Range, Firm n Fold has been selling and/or offered for sale, imitations of our products as their own products in Australia. It has come to our attention that Firm n Fold is telling the market that we have copied their designs and products, in truth, Firm n Fold had our tables copied in China and those imitations are now offered as the genuine tables in Australia. It is unfortunate that Firm n Fold engaged in such conduct and attempts to mislead and/or deceive the market into believing that Firm n Fold still offers the genuine products.

While others have been imitating our current range, we have been busy designing and Manufacturing a range of new products. We are pleased to advise you that we will, within the next month, also offer our own range of high quality portable tables.

We want to assure you of our continued support and consistent high quality products backed by our continuing research and development, and years of experience. For those of you using our Healthtec Electric Massage Range of products, we appreciate your continued support. For those of you considering purchasing a new massage table, we invite you to take a look at our quality products from our authorised resellers, call us for details.

Yours in Health,

Matt Horne
Director of Sales & Marketing
Pacific Healthtec Pty Ltd

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