Facts the best cure for doubts about childhood vaccinations

15 August, 2017

GPs are encouraging parents and carers with any doubts about getting their children vaccinated to look at the compelling evidence on the Australian Government’s new website www.immunisationfacts.gov.au.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) President Bastian Seidel says "'vaccinations are a medical success story. They allow children to grow up healthily and enable communities to thrive.

"All parents and carers want to do the right thing by their children, but the information available online is often more confusing than helpful.

"If you're one of the few parents or carers in Australia with any concerns whatsoever about vaccinating your child please spend some time looking at the overwhelming evidence in favour of immunisation on this excellent new website.

"Please share your questions and concerns with your GP once you've had a look at the site.

"Your local GP will offer you specific advice suited to you and your child's individual needs and circumstances.

"It's possible to come across poor advice when vaccination denialists produce slick looking films like Vaxxed, but ask yourself why local GPs, the most trusted health practitioners in Australia, aren't backing them up.

"The Australian Government's Get the Facts about Immunisation campaign makes it easy to come to the right decision with the help of the best evidence.

"While immunisation rates in Australia are already high with over 93 per cent of five-year-old children fully vaccinated, there are still a concerning number of local communities where the rates are too low.

"These communities can pose serious risks to children who can't be vaccinated, like newborn babies.

"The campaign will target these areas through social media to help protect these babies.

"It will let parents and carers know that vaccines strengthen their child's immune system against diseases that can cause serious illness and death.

"The campaign will also reassure them that all vaccines in Australia have been thoroughly tested.

"Since the introduction of immunisation in Australia and overseas in the nineteen thirties, millions of lives have been saved as deaths for vaccine-preventable diseases have fallen by 99 per cent.

"At least 70 percent of Australia's childhood vaccinations are delivered by your local GP."

For more information please visit the Australian Governments www.immunisationfacts.gov.au and read the RACGP's guidelines on immunisation.