Is this the ultimate all-in-one treatment unit?

05 Mar 2020

Gallant Autonome is a fully integrated dental unit that practice owners with limited floor space have been dreaming about.

The feature “plug-and-play” has never been used to describe the attributes of a dental unit – until now. That’s right. Imagine a dental unit that practically works out of the box, with no complex installation process necessary. The Gallant Autonome is a dental unit that does not require connections to air supply mains; vacuum mains; water supply mains; and sewerage system. The truly standalone unit includes a built-in compressor, suction system, aspirator and container for secretions. Housed within a soundproof cabinet, the oil- free compressor and suction system is exceptionally quiet.

Judging by the main features alone, there are two scenarios that immediately spring to mind where this chair would be a great fit:

Scenario One: 

If space comes at a premium cost to you, this high-tech Italian dental chair offers a unique space-saving solution that can also potentially save
thousands in annual rental expenditure.

Scenario Two:

If new space for a non-plumbed suite suddenly opens up in your clinic, you no longer need to engage a plumbing expert to extend the existing pipe-works into the room – which entails yet more savings. All this dental unit needs is an Australian standard 240-volt power plug.

Tecnodent is the Italian chair maker of Gallant Autonome. Founded in 1966, Tecnodent has a long tradition of chair designs for the dental/medical market that are renowned for their fine Italian craftsmanship. Tecnodent purportedly pioneered several innovations, including: Seamless upholsteries, knee-break seats (Linda Chair); as well as memory foam moulded upholsteries without seams.
In case you’re not entirely familiar with Tecnodent, perhaps you would be with the ensemble of European brand-name products that the unit comes integrated with: 

  • Dürr Dental: Amalgam separator CAS 1; filter and place selection valve; Dürr Comfort assistant block with large and small suction hoses and extension capacity with any instrument; intraoral camera; modular suction tips; suction hoses (11mm/17mm)
  • Bien Air: Brushless micromotor
  • Satelec: Ultrasonic handpiece
  • Luzzani Dental: Suction unit with a bactericidal filter mounted in the hydroblock ; Minilight 6-way syringe with hot/cool water, air and spray.
  • Ekom: Oil-free compressor with a stainless-steel body, 5-litre corrosion-resistant tank and an automatic condensate drain
  • Tecno cer: Ceramic swivel spittoon bowl with flush and electric glass refill
  • Mectron: LED polymerization light These branded wares are housed within a 10mm-thick, glass-reinforced polyester shell, alongside other modular parts like: 2-litre clean water system; 6-litre water tank; 5-litre capacity for secretions.

The sleek modern appearance of the chair is accentuated by the glossy surface of the ceramic cuspidor with anti-bacterial coating and luxurious Italian upholstery.

Available in two versions, dentists can select between the “Sting” dental chair (available in suspended and floor-mounted models) or “” dental chair (floor mounted version). Both versions offer a great selection of colours and upholstery to provide users what the company calls “chromatherapy”.

For all its whiz-bang tech and pleasing exterior, the biggest drawcard of the Gallant Autonome is undoubtedly the fully integrated solution it offers. That is certainly the feedback from Dr Kevin Morris, specialist periodontist at Northern Periodontics & Implants. Dr Morris worked as general dentist for 15 years before becoming a specialist and currently co-owns NPI, a six-location group practice with two other periodontists.

from local reseller INZ Dental for his second permanent clinic location in South Morang, an old 200-sqm residential house that was converted into a single-chair practice. To avoid damaging the rental property with a view for future expansion, Dr Morris found the Gallant Autonome tailored for his needs. “I believe INZ Dental is at present the only supplier of fully integrated dental chairs in Australia that features built-in suction and compressor. “With this chair, under-floor plumbing is not necessary which represents some  savings in terms of build cost.” Pleased with his purchase, Dr Morris is impressed by the “great chair ergonomics and operator comfort,” while surprised by the small footprint, being “only slightly larger than a traditional chair.”

The periodontist is just as complimentary about his buyer’s experience: “(INZ Dental) is a very attentive and responsive company. Their after-sales support is excellent and they offer honest advice. The price of the chair is VERY (emphasis Dr Morris’) competitive. The installation was fast with minimal delays. The chair looks great and was well installed.


“I like to support emerging businesses to ensure that there is competition in Australia. Both Borys and Nadiya (owners of INZ Dental) are fantastic to work with.” As well as great support, he reiterates the main feature that makes the Gallant Autonome the ideal chair: “I believe the chair can fit a normal size dental clinic very easily. The fully integrated system, along with all the equipment, is compatible with Australian connections.”