Keep your waste moving

Warequip with over 30 years experience in the materials handling industry is proud to announce the release of its new Powered Waste Bin Trolley / Transporter.

The new Powered 2 Go range of products is a simple concept of providing battery powered drive systems to a number of different manual handling tasks.

Waste bin removal and transport is a difficult task experienced by inner city apartments, hospitals, nursing homes and many other businesses.

The transportation of both 120 litre and 240 litre bins once full and moved over large distances, can be time consuming, costly and potentially hazardous.

The Powered 2 Go Sulo Bin Trailer allows operators to load full bins easily via the loading plattens and store these for transport.

The battery drive systems and easy to use console effortlessly moves the trolley / transporter up to 4-5 kmph on a single battery charge.

A charge indicator, safety button and easy to use drive controls, makes the transporter really effortless to use by any operator in tight, narrow corridors or confined spaces.

Various configurations are available with non marking wheel combinations and full surround bumpers, to suit many bin configurations.

All Warequip products including the Powered 2 Go system are available from distributors Australia wide.

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