Killing Airborne disease without chemicals to reduce Staph, Salmonella and spread of SARS

Supplier: EzyDrain By: Lyn Kirk
21 October, 2019

When the SARS breakout hit Hong Kong, I realised the urgency for a simpler solution and protection method everyone can use. This is my personal story

When the SARS breakout hit Hong Kong, I realised the urgency for a simpler solution and protection method everyone can use.

This problem and many other air-bourne infectious diseases can make you ill and in worst-case scenario kill you. Diseases are transmitted through the open floor wastes found in shower, bathroom and laundry floors.

I put on my thinking cap and came up with a solution which I named "EzyDrain" that can be installed into floor wastes, water tanks and grate-pits. Not only will my drain solution reduce the spread of SARS it also kills Staph and Salmonella.

EzyDrain also will:

  • Reduce bad smells
  • Stops bugs entering or exiting
  • Reduces noise or whistling between floors
  • Reduces the need for excessive use of deodorisers and pesticides.

A Simple long-term chemical free solution has not been available for all these problems in the past. By reducing air borne contaminants from living spaces this in turn reduces contamination into air conditioning ducts.

I wanted to offer an affordable simple solution to attract the hospitals and health care facilities in the hope of making a safer way of life for patients, staff and visitors.

EzyDrain is a simple chemical free retro-fit multi purpose plumbing, pest control and hygiene drain product. It will fit into existing floor wastes, water tanks and grate-pits. Chemically resistant, installed in approximately one minute. Bacteria or mould, build up or live on the device causing failure due to its antibacterial qualities. The vortex water distribution in the design of the product will self-clean inner walls of the plumbing pipe as a secondary method to remove debris and mould which house diseases and helps them breed.

Testing and Modifying

I went through many processes to test and modify my design until I was satisfied, reducing the plastic use whilst maintaining strength and ensuring it worked efficiently every time was key.

Creating a plastics formula that had antibacterial qualities without using any chemicals was also important to me, One key factor and ambition was to ensure my product would reduce the outlay hospitals have in current practices of ongoing purchases which it has!

In total I had redesigned my shower product 6 times until happy and achieved my goals.  Now EzyDrain is plumbing water marked and Certified and has had patents granted in 53 countries with India still remaining in pending stage. 

Scientific Lab Results

The EzyDrain Premium products were tested by an independent lab. kill rate results Below are for the first 24hrs of testing. Diseases continue to die after 24hrs until minimal or completely gone without any labour or chemicals.

Premium EzyDrain Kill rates within 24hrs are:

  • 44.12% on Staphylococcus Aureus,
  • 36.29% on contact with Staphylococcus Epidermidis,
  • 42.29% on contact with Escherichia Coli,
  • 23.20% on contact with Salmonella Choleraesuis.
  • Other Disease and bacteria tests carried out had killing rate results between 23.15% up to 37.26%.

The original scientific lab report certificate is available on EzyDrain website

I have also developed a "Hospital Grade" EzyDrain with 5x more antibacterial qualities and would yield a faster kill rate than my Premium product and will be tested once interest is significant from Hospitals.

Like a Mouse on a Wheel

Ideally hospitals are a perfect fit for the EzyDrain product line but getting through the gatekeepers to present the product has been exhaustive with no results, not even one appointment to present the product after years of effort. Patience is key when you are ethical, genuine and passionate. 

My personal journey still continues and I do look forward to the future, and the dream is to protect every hospital, nursing home and public restroom around the world


Charity Wish List Donation and Facility Nomination

To support local and abroad health services for a better safer environment I decided to begin my own Charity support program, EzyDrain will donate products. EzyDrain donates 1 product for every 12 products sold through our on-line e-store to the nominated and approved recipient on the wish list

Eligible recipients are: Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Schools and community centres. 

To nominate a facility in the EzyDrain wish list program, click on the link and add your Nominated facility details


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