Laser Resources' new range of laser safety equipment

Large new range of laser safety equipment to comply with regulations

When in use, a laser can create an unsafe environment to the user and others nearby. These hazards include, eye hazards, skin hazards, fire hazards, chemical hazards and electrical hazards.

Earlier this year Laser Resources joined forces Lasermet to supply well adapted accessories to create laser safe solutions for all applications. As well as our existing laser safety solutions from LaserVision, we have now added new products to our range of safety items.

Our range of protection products differ from each other with respect to laser resistance, certification, mechanical characteristics and flexibility. Some of these systems can be combined with glass or acrylic laser safety windows.

Laser Resources supplies interlock systems, signage, roll-up blinds, laser filters, laser curtain shelters, laser barrier plates, laser windows, high power barriers, lamella curtains, medical laser protection and mobile screens for CO2 and fibre laser use which does not impede on functionality

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