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  • “Great ROI!”

    Ben Van Wijk, Marketing
    Member since 2008 Visit Storefront

    It's definitely a worthwhile return on investment. We analyse our various lead sources so we can actually quantify the success of MedicalSearch and see that it provides us with ongoing sales leads. On average we receive about two or three quality enquiries from potential buyers each week. One of the best features is the 'Hot Products' promotion for one month on the website and in the NewsWire. We've boosted sales for a few products using this feature.

  • “We receive a few nice leads each month”

    Jim Owen, Sales Relationship Manager
    Member since 2006 Visit Storefront

    It's a professional-looking website that presents suppliers and products very well. We receive a few nice leads each month on our premium quality bench-top sterilisers.

    I rate the support and customer service very highly. Our account manager does a great job following up with us and offering tips and ideas. And the ability to upload articles and videos is a standout feature. I like the fact I can manage the Storefront myself.

  • “Good flow of enquiries!”

    Thomas Bromberger, Managing Director
    Member since 2006 Visit Storefront

    We receive a good flow of email notifications for enquiries on a wide range of products. Every day there's at least one or two new enquiries to follow up. All the suppliers appear in relevant categories on the website so it's nice and easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

    The statistics are excellent. It's very useful being sent the reports about recent activity on the Storefront.

  • “It‘s easy to measure the results”

    Charmeline Wang, Marketing Executive
    Member since 2016 Visit Storefront

    In comparison to the money we spend, our MedicalSearch Storefront delivers a strong return. It's easy to measure the results by tracking how many direct enquiries lead to sales. On average we receive two to three product enquiries every month, so when we convert some of those into sales we come out ahead.

    The whole platform is simple to use. The MedicalSearch team follows up to make sure you've seen all your enquiries, which is really helpful. I also love the MedicalSearch NewsWire because we seem to receive more immediate enquiries whenever our products are featured.

  • “Best move we‘ve ever made!”

    Eddi Cohen, Medical Director
    Member since 2013 Visit Storefront

    Signing up to MedicalSearch was the best move we've ever made. We haven't looked back. The increased exposure has solidified our client base and helped it grow exponentially. Our penetration into the dental industry, specifically for special needs, has been very rewarding and there's no question we can thank MedicalSearch for a lot of that growth.

    As people read the news through MedicalSearch they also have the opportunity to see relevant Storefronts, company logos and highlighted products, which means a wider audience recognising our business. We've also found that our online search results have improved. People are now discovering us either through MedicalSearch or our own website. It's a double bonus for any small to medium business.

    I even refer people straight to MedicalSearch when they make an enquiry we can't assist with. I tell them, 'Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it there'.

  • “It gives us an opportunity to win new business”

    Waseem Sedhom, Sales and Marketing Manager
    Member since 2009 Visit Storefront

    It's been a very positive experience. The reports we get show that people are discovering us on MedicalSearch then clicking through to our website, so we're capturing a lot of new leads and customers that way and we're very happy about it. We can see that new customers are shopping around and comparing suppliers before they contact us to find out more.

    While it's more challenging than simply dealing with our existing loyal customers, the real benefit is that it gives us an opportunity to win new business. If we weren't on MedicalSearch these customers would not have contacted us. We promote a small range of models and we get a consistent amount of enquiries for all of them.

    I keep the Online Management Area open all the time so I can update product information and customise our content. It's a feature I enjoy using quite often, especially since our account manager talked me through how to get the most out of the Storefront.

  • “One enquiry led to a big sale”

    Anja Mueller, Managing Director
    Member since 2016 Visit Storefront

    It's great getting email notifications as soon as a potential customer requests a quote or more information through our MedicalSearch Storefront. It's a very straightforward process and we can see exactly what they're interested in before we continue the conversation.

    One enquiry from a hospital in Victoria led to a big sale for five of our products, and now we keep in touch as they might turn into a repeat customer in future.

  • “It‘s really making a difference”

    Daniel Yaffe, Director
    Member since 2016 Visit Storefront

    The results have been very positive. It's really making a difference to the general marketing of our business, which now tends to revolve around what we want to achieve on MedicalSearch first. It's good for SEO because they're putting all their technology and efforts into attracting customers and funneling them our way, so I don't have to worry as much about funneling customers to my own website. Most of our customers are individuals looking for medical equipment for their aged relatives, and through MedicalSearch these types of enquiries come out of the blue.

    I like the way the website is easy to navigate and you can keep drilling deeper into product features through links to other relevant content and multimedia such as videos. That's really important. We're launching new products later in the year and I expect MedicalSearch to be a critical factor in that process. The ability to feature particular products on the website is an excellent way of driving traffic to the pages on our Storefront. I also appreciate how the MedicalSearch team stays on the case to make sure I'm updating my Storefront – that's exactly what I need!