MicroNeedling: Ancient Wisdom...Meets Modern Technology

04 Mar 2021

What is Microneedling and how it can help improve your practice offerings.

Are you looking for new ways to offer superior results for all your patients and increase profit? Are you searching for a natural, wholistic approach to meet modern demands for skin perfection?  Microneedling is an easy and effective treatment option to complement your blossoming practice.


Roots in Ancient Wisdom

Harking back almost 4,000 years, microneedling has its origins in the ancient practice of acupuncture. As a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice of inserting fine needles to rebalance energy flow has spread to all corners of the world.

Using needles purely for cosmetic purposes didn't reach full development until 1995, where the first practitioners used subcutaneous incision needles, tattoo guns or needle stamps to improve the appearance of scars.

Fast-forward 15 years of continuous improvement and, in 2010, the first automated microneedling pen was invented. With superior comfort, speed, and results, the microneedling revolution had begun.

More and more women and men of any skin type or colour are realising the incredible results they can achieve with almost no downtime.


What is Microneedling?

Also known as skin needling or C.I.T. (Collagen Induction Therapy), microneedling is a skin treatment that stimulates a natural wound-healing response by inserting ultrafine needles at shallow depths of 0.25 – 3 mm. The resulting micro-injuries increase collagen and elastin production and also deliver active ingredients in approved treatment serums deeper into the skin.

The increased absorption of actives combined with a natural boost in collagen and elastin erase common cosmetic complaints. A new layer of fresh tissue forms, creating a more youthful appearance and repairing the surface layers. Skin looks brighter, tighter, more evenly toned, with refined pores and reduced wrinkles.


Microneeding: Popular with Patients & Practitioners

As a relatively new practice, microneedling is hugely popular amongst practitioners and patients alike. It helps that microneedling is highly sought after with a ready stream of eager clientele. Still, the rapid spread has also been driven by enterprising clinic owners who recognise the potential results for both their patients and bottom line.

Part of the uplift in recognition stems from the non-invasive nature of the skin treatment, appealing to those craving a successful rejuvenation without the risks and pain associated with injections or incisions.

That's not to say the two are mutually exclusive. Microneedling also works well in synergy with a range of other anti-ageing or cosmetic procedures, fortifying the skin and offering patients a highly desirable glow.


Targeted Skin Concerns

Genetics, trauma, UV rays, and the environment ravage our skin in different ways, causing blemishes we’re often not happy with. The simple act of ageing alone causes skin to thin, sag, and wrinkle. Microneedling targets multiple concerns at the same time, including:

  • Signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Active acne or acne scars?
  • Pigmentation and melasma
  • Enlarged pores?
  • Scars?
  • Melasma?
  • Stretch Marks?
  • Hair Loss?
  • Rosacea

Not restricted to purely facial needling, you can perform a procedure on almost any part of your patient’s body. Hands, neck and décolleté are all popular zones. Thanks to the speed of automatic microneedling pens, even larger areas like stretch marks on the stomach and hips can be quickly and effectively covered.  


Good for Business

Microneedling offers an attractive cost-benefit ratio to businesses in comparison with other expensive rejuvenation devices that bring similar results. Good profit margins are the result of the affordability of the pen itself and the consumables needed to offer an effective and safe procedure.

The exclusive reputation of microneedling as a skin treatment attracts more clients to your door without costing you an arm and a leg in set-up costs. It’s also a fabulous upsell to improve the condition of your patient’s skin while undergoing other treatments.


Stop Turning Patients Away

Unlike some other skin treatments, microneedling is safe and effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types. Combined with the fact it improves the appearance of such a wide range of common skin complaints, microneedling is accessible for a broad customer base.

You're not having to turn people away depending on their skin type or investing in different technology to cater to more patients. Instead, you’re offering everyone the same fantastic results with the exact same equipment.


Your Future’s Bright with Microneedling

Fast forward thousands of years from the first use of needles with the Shang Dynasty to today's Microneedling Revolution, Microneedling is a game-changing addition for any leading aesthetic clinic. Discover for yourself how introducing this cost-effective, proven treatment option can transform your reputation and business.