Monotrac Supermodel V2: new and improved

Supplier: Ultimate Dental Supplies By: Steven Frew
06 October, 2011

I have to admit I cringe when a triple tray impression enters my laboratory.

This type of tray takes the impression, the opposing and the bite all in one go.

Brilliant idea for the operator, unfortunately pouring up these impressions is not so straight forward. Finding a reliable solution to the triple tray dilemma has eluded dental technicians for decades.

There are excellent systems available such as the Artigator from Amann Girrbach but these can tend to be expensive, especially when they don’t come back to the lab! The Monotrac system was originally devised as away to help solve these problems economically.

The idea is a simple disposable plastic track system connected to a hinge device that allows the pouring of the triple tray in a novel way that does not leave you with doubts about accuracy. Integrated into this mechanism is the ability to separate the parts to facilitate easy handling and fabrication of the desired prosthesis.

The Monotrac system Version 1 has been out for a number of years and while the initial concept was good, the system fell short in many areas. The Monotrac Supermodel V2 was previewed at the IDS in Cologne 2005 and has now been released locally so it is definitely worthy of another look.

Big improvements in overall design make this system now a contender for the serious technician. These include a more sturdy design all over so the chances of flexing are kept to a minimum. The tear away base former is just so neat it keeps your diestone confined and makes your plasterwork look professional.

A removable snap on articulator fits the entire V2 system; also there is an improved excursive flex arm. Vertical stops are an easy plug in feature as well as the inclusion of magnetic split cast plates for the full arch versions.

There are other convenient features such as cover caps for transportation of crowns and neat little plastic vacuum formed boxes for all this to fit into to make the whole system look neat – remember presentation is important!

Overall, I think the new Monotrac V2 is a great leap forward in simplifying the whole removable die system and it’s really economical. The range includes Full arch, Half Arch Radius Quad as well as the Quadrant system set out below.