Primary Health Care Roundtable is seen as a vital opportunity

23 June, 2009

Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) attended the Primary Health Care Roundtable discussion at Parliament House recently to give a professional nursing perspective in a long running dialogue about Australia’s future primary health care system.

As an active participant in the Primary Health Care Working Group, RCNA is committed to collaborative, team-based primary health care delivery that responds to the needs of the community.

“We are also involved because we believe that nursing has a critical role to play in the development of primary health care services in Australia,” said RCNA Chief Executive Officer, Debra Cerasa FRCNA.

RCNA sees the Roundtable as vital opportunity to build common ground between health professionals. RCNA will continue to represent the interests of the nursing profession in this ongoing discussion.

“RCNA is involved with the Primary Health Care Working Group to ensure that we represent the best interests of our membership,” said Cerasa.

RCNA’s recently established Community and Primary Health Care Faculty is a direct result of the organisation’s focus on improving primary health care services in Australia for the benefit of the community.

RCNA’s Faculty is committed to facilitating the exchange of information and advice on national policies and programs, encouraging partnerships with other key stakeholders, and promoting community and primary health care research, leadership, education and training.

“We genuinely believe that the community will be better served by collaborative primary health care services that respect and utilise the breadth of skills of the professionals within it.”

Cerasa added that RCNA looks forward to developing collaborative relationships with other nursing and health care groups as a result of the Roundtable and to continue influencing the future designs of primary health care services in Australia.