Save your staff from injury from overfilled laundry bags

Supplier: Newfound Distributors By: Stephen Doedens
02 April, 2020

A widespread recurring OH&S problem that has been noted Australia Wide throughout Hospitals and Nursing Homes is the overfilling of laundry bags.

It seems no matter how much training and education is provided on the risks of injury in relation to the overfilling of laundry bags, it continues to be a problem.  This problem has seen many people across Australia be put out of work, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently depending on the scale of injury.  

The bag limiter sling is designed to reduce the amount of linen that can be packed into a laundry bag, thus reducing the risk of handler injury resulting from lifting over filled bags.  This is achieved by attaching 4 Velcro fastened straps to each corner of the trolley and supplying a base that the laundry bag rests on.  The bag limiter sling will reduce the standard laundry bag from a 70cm depth to 50cm.  

The sling fits most standard laundry trolleys and can be made with either Velcro Fastening, or Clips to secure them to the trolley.  The Bag Limiter Sling is fully launderable and can be washed in standard commercial laundry environments.