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Savings made on healthcare costs by prescription programmes

15 April, 2008

With each passing day, individuals nationwide in the UK are becoming more aware of the benefits that prescription discount programs have to offer them.

With each passing day, individuals nationwide are becoming more aware of the benefits that prescription discount programmes have to offer them. Doctors and healthcare providers have been doing their part to educate patients on the benefits that these programs can provide them while saving them a great deal financially.

As individuals continue to learn more about prescription discount programmes such as Universal RX Cash Coupons, No Cost Prescription Discount Cards, and Patient Assistance Programmes, many unnecessary healthcare related risks have been avoided as patients are financially able to comply with their physicians advised treatment protocol.

In 2007 alone, the costs associated to fulfilling the health care needs of those uninsured and underinsured left tax payers and insured individuals responsible for several billion dollars in additional fees.  In the same year, physicians also saw a significant rise in the cost of malpractice insurance premiums as a result of patients not being financially able to adhere to their physicians recommended treatment. Regardless of whether the individual seeks medical treatment, they leave their financial responsibilities on everyone.

New ways to deal with the healthcare industries financial burden have come to light as both employers and insurers have begun using prescription discount programs and eliminating the traditional prescription cards. Matching the new concept of providing these prescription discount programs with programs such as employee Health Savings Account’s, employers and insurers have managed to save themselves and those utilising their programmes drastic savings over conventional methods.

When a prescription discount programme is in place along with a Health Savings Account, individuals often save themselves 65% on average off their prescription purchases as they are more inclined to purchase generic medication when they manage their healthcare allowance themselves. These savings are unheard of in traditional prescription plans as individuals often only purchase 40% generics where as in this method the average is 70%. Couple these savings with the fact that this method negates the administrative fees associated with conventional prescription programmes and you can easily see why so many employers, insurers, and those they cover have found this method to be significantly more beneficial.

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