SIUI VP2 and 2G Exp handheld wireless products now launched

22 Feb 2022

Following the great success worldwide of SIUI's VP2 wireless ultrasound probes for Veterinary Use, launched last October SIUI have now launched their 2G EXP wireless ultrasound probes for Human Use.

SIUI with a 40 year history in manufacturing ultrasound machines have always manufactured their own key components and ultrasound probes. The development of SIUI's VP2 series for veterinary use was brought about by developments in ultrasound technology and the demand necessitated by the 

  • Growth in companion animal population
  • Rising demand for pet insurance and
  • Growth in the number of veterinary practitioners in developed countries

Following the successful launch of the VP2 series technology and successful trials in their home market of the 2G Exp in selected countries, SIUI have now further developed this platform and have just launched their 2G Exp series for human use worldwide.

The 2G Exp features

  • B, M, B/M, CFM, CPA, PW
  • Nanoview
  • Li-ion Battery for 4 hours working time
  • Wi-Fi communication interface
  • Micro USB portUSB Charger and cable
  • Handbag for storing probes and tablet
  • Intelligent Software with streamlined work flow, measurement package and Smarchive